Our Expertise

Murdoch Archambault provides legal advice in family law and rights of persons, Aboriginal law, governance and corporate laws, and many other fields of practice, both in Quebec civil law and in common law.

  1. Civil Law
    • Litigation in family matters
    • Construction litigation
    • Intellectual property litigation
    • Insurance litigation
    • Commercial litigation
    • Labour litigation
  2. Commercial, Business and Corporate Law
    • Business start-ups
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Corporate restructuring
    • Corporate secretary services
  3. Intellectual Property Law
    • Agreement relating to the exploitation of intellectual property rights
    • Entertainment law
    • Copyright
    • Trademarks
  1. Aboriginal Law
    • Corporate law with respect to Aboriginal businesses and entities
    • Cree-Naskapi Act
    • Indian Act
    • James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement
    • Agreement Respecting a New Relationship Between the Cree Nation and the Government of Quebec
    • Negotiations over land claims
    • Negotiations over the development of natural resources
  2. Administrative Law and Governance
    • Drafting of regulations applicable to territories governed by the Cree-Naskapi Act
    • Drafting of internal policies, resolutions and standard procedures for different Cree entities
    • Negotiations and legal counsel relating to the application of various governance instruments
  3. Construction Law
    • Construction litigation
    • Negotiations relating to the application of the regime of the Commission de la Construction du Québec
    • Agreement for specific partnerships
  1. Environmental Law
    • Legal advice and negotiations relating to the application of the standards of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement
  2. Labor Law
    • Employment and services agreement
    • Drafting of human resources policies
    • Legal advice regarding labor relations
    • Representation in the event of litigation
  3. Rights of persons